Friday, September 21, 2012

Emily's quilt

My DD best friend is leaving for UC Davis in a few days. Loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian. Has worked had towards this goal for a long time, voluntary at a office, being involved with animal rescue and fostering many animals. I wanted to send Emily off with a quilt showing support with lots of love and hugs. Bought some dog fabric for the front.

About 50% of the fabric was found in my stash, including the horse fabric on the back.

I was very happy with the fabric I selected for the binding.

Emily – Wishing you the best, study hard and have fun!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dump and Sew

When Beth at Love Laugh Quilt first posted about Dump and Sew I knew I had a bag of scraps to use. Several weeks before I had come home from Project Linus with a bag full of scraps and strips to make string quilts. I had made 60 blocks and was getting bored and had already started a few crumb blocks. Out dumped the bag, including the crumb blocks. I sorted a little, taking out the RW&B, and added some triangles.
Crumb blocks are at the top of the picture.

The hardest challenge of this project was not to cut as much as I normally do. There were many strips in the bag and I sewed some together, folded, cut in half, and sewed again. I sat at the machine, sewed, did not iron and did not use the rotary cutter; two hours later ended up with 14 odd shaped blocks. It actually was very relaxing letting go of rules and letting the fabric dictate what shape the block was going to end up. This is what I ended up with after ironing, and squared up the corners:

I made some connecting strips.

Final flimsy:

Yes, it looks like I threw in some perfect 16 patch blocks, but this one was made with a 3” and 2 1/2” strips (fungly fabric – lipstick & mascara). Sew, fold, cut. I think I could make a whole quilt this way.

Thanks Beth for challenge. I enjoy this method and will try it again.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Tony's Shirts

What have I been working on? A memory quilt for a friend of mine using her husbands shirts. Tony passed away about 2 years ago, After 57 years of marriage she is devastated, living with a heartache no one can heal. It's a blessing that she has 5 grandchildren, 2 wonderful sons and daughter-in-laws that live close and see her often.

I offered to make a quilt using Tony's shirts and received 5 plaid/stripe shirts along with 7 knit shirts.

I'm using the ChunkyChurndash pattern from Bonnie Hunter, a free pattern from her blog. I increased the blocks size to a finish 7½". Also added a few flower printed fabrics, they seem to soften the plaids and stripes which seemed so flat alone. I have finished all the blocks, showing about half. I need to square up the hourglass blocks before I sew them together.

I hope this quilt gives her some comfort and she has sweet dreams with Tony's arms around her.

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