Monday, February 27, 2012

Pajaro Quilt Show

My daughter and I went to the Pajaro Quilt Show (Santa Cruz County, CA) on Saturday. Had a great time looking at quilts and quilted garments. Lots of Blue and White since one of the challenges was Blue and White plus One. Participants received a brown bag with a piece of fabric to be used with their own blue and white fabrics in making their Challenge Quilt. Here are some of the pictures Lauren took. 

The photo does not show the detail of the forest ground. All the "leaves" were cut in small puzzle shapes and then layered before sewn on top of each other. Gave a great effect and depth to the quilt.

This quilt was won by the owner after buying 5 raffle tickets at another show, great movement in this piece.

Of course we got fabric. Not only were there venders with all the latest stuff; but they had a "Bargain Basement" selling quilt magazines/books for $1 or less, and fabric $3 pound, works out to $1 - $1.50 yard. Several books later and 15 pounds, we left in the car and stopped to see Grandma on the way home.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Make a Blanket Day - Project Linus

Saturday was a very fun and busy day. Had over 70 people attend the MABD. Some all day, some for 2+ hours. Quilters, knitters and crocheters; along with many volunteers. Some high school students, over 12 male and 7 female were there most of the day. Funny we had more males but they did a great job tying blankets, lifting heavy bags of blankets and helping with cleanup. I had many pictures of them, but since they are minors ages 12-17 did not post any pictures.

Brenda taking a quick break to smile at the camera.

Christie with a finished flimsy from one of the Rail Fence kits.

Many 10” crochet blocks being sewed into blankets.

Some of the finished RW&B quilts for TAPS.
 Very fun day, had a great potluck lunch, lots of laughing and made many blankets.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thin Mints and more...

I ordered some Girl Scout cookies from my friend's daughter and lucky me, they brought over the cookies and 4 bags of fabric scraps today! Some 10”x14” and others more then a yard; one 8+ yards. Just in time since my stash was running low!

                        Fun colors!

                 49ers, plaids, stars, flowers, skulls and lipstick

   4 yards of trains, 8+ yards of the blue and lime green and more

                        30+ orphan blocks

I really appreciate having a generous friend like her.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Finish - Uneven Rails

Still working on getting flimsies ready for tomorrow; Project Linus - National Make a Blanket Day, Feb 18th.
I've been working on Uneven Rails this week. This pattern goes fast and easy to make. My blocks finish at 10” or 12”.

Linking up to Friday Finishes at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tic Tac Toe

Got several finishes this week. Went a little crazy, but had a little bit 
of a challenge. Came home from the last Project Linus meeting with 
lots of 14”x100” pieces of this green plaid fabric. This fabric seems to 
multiple overnight. Before I came home I picked some black & whites, 
purples and burnt oranges to accent the green plaid. I was thinking 
about the Red Stick quilt at The Patchery Menagerie and ended up 
with this Tic Tac Toe quilt. Thanks Lynne for the starting point! 
I laugh every time I look at this quilt since it looks like I raided the 
witches closet, including taking her black and white striped socks.

Made several pieced backs and a top. 

Well, maybe next week won't be so crazy. Maybe I should stop cutting 
fabric late at night along with drinking margaritas, and listening to 
Jimmy Buffett. Don't think that will happen, he just booked another 
concert date in San Jose, ticket sales begin at 10am. Must get tickets.

I've linked over to Friday Finish at Crazy Mom Quilts. Check out the 
other projects.