Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Log Cabin or Wonky Bento Box

This quilt was so fun and quick. Used the tutorial from Love Laugh Quilt 
blog, Half Log Cabin – Free Style. Thanks Beth!  I didn't use the paper 
foundation for my blocks but followed her method.  
Went to the Project Linus meeting yesterday and delivered the quilt. 
Forgot to take a final picture so these are pictures of the flimsy. I had 
picked up the black & white polka dot at a past meeting, 4 yards, 18” wide, 
so perfect for this scrap busting project.
I also took two flimsies I sewed together from orphan blocks I came 
home with at another meeting. The coordinator is planning a “sandwich” 
day, not an eating party, but a workshop to sandwich quilts from flimsies 
given to PL. Select a back, layer, sandwich, and baste the quilts as needed. 
Some are sewn at the workshop, some taken home. Some are taken to a 
retirement home where residents tie quilts. Lots of work gets done by 
many hands.
Thanks again Beth for the tutorial. Check out the other charity quilts at 
Quilts are for Giving. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Framed boxes and more

Started looking at some of my ugly unusual fabric, and thought I should do a stack and slash quilt; thought framed boxes.

Started with 11”-12” squares. Added in some of my scraps and solid strips to the blocks. Can you tell some of it is stretch denim? 

The large black & white flower and orange and pink print. Yes, rules are for breaking sometimes. There are some decorator fabrics, but they just fit in. Some of the black and white polka dot was sewn inside out, but I am leaving it. It is really hard to tell.
Need to finish squaring up the blocks to 10½”. Then work on a final arrangement of the blocks. Final size should be, 40” x 60”, nice size throw.

I'm linking over to Confessions of a Fabric Addict for "Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?"   (or What I've been working on!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A quick bag!

Didn't think my blog post would begin about “size 6 stretch pants”, but here we are with the first picture. One of my purchases at the local garage sales (paid $.50).

Wearing size 6 is long over for me, at 5'8½” I think it must have been over in 7th grade. But the bright stripes caught my eye and I thought this would make a great bag. I need a few extra shopping bags. Local city ordinance requires all large retailers to charge $.10  per bag unless you bring your own. March 2013 will be all retailers, and fee increases to $.25 in 2014. Cutting the legs off at 18”, leaving the side seams intact, cutting up the inside seam and piecing 2 straps.

This was a very quick bag. Very happy with my shopping bag. I have another pair of stretch pants from the same garage sale, so back to the sewing machine.

I love garage sales!

Friday, June 1, 2012

100 Orphan Blocks

Attended another Project Linus meeting last month. A bag of 100 Orphan 
blocks jumped in the car and came home with me. Oh dear, oh my, and 
how lovely. It's fun playing with other people's stuff! Here a sample of 
what's in the bag.

Got 50+ crumb blocks, 7”-7½”.  
Cut one side off and added to the top, then cut them 5½” x 7 ½” to 
match some blocks I had from another project. Think I will add a 
pink border so will finish at a 45” square. 
One 17” x 18” piece: 
Several pieces like this, almost seems like a “trip around the world”, then 
got side tracked on another project. Do I do this? Absolutely; I must 
work on finishing projects instead of letting them sit. 
 There must be 20+ blocks, 16”-20”, wonderful, colorful fun blocks: 

I would have loved to have met this creative women whose husband 
brings us some bags of her fabric stash and UFOs every couple months. 
It would be interesting to know the time line on her work and if she took 
classes, which ones. We have been able to finish and make many quilts 
because of his generosity and thoughtfulness. 
Bless them both!