Monday, December 31, 2012

Last guess on Easy Street

This is my last guess on Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Missing is the black squares, have not cut them, but I think they will go in the center of the blocks. I show only 2 designs, but maybe there will be multiples.
Sorry, a little messy since it is not sewn together, and I don't know if it right. BUT it is fun to guess.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street - Step 4

I have half the units completed for step 4 of Bonnie Hunter's current Mystery Quilt - Easy Street; and have cut the green squares. Here is a configuration that I found pleasing, but it is most likely not correct. This is my first mystery and I am really enjoying it.

Bonnie must be having a good laugh at all of us putting the units together for “guesses” to the mystery quilt when we only are 50% done. I'm laughing with her, it's a hard puzzle when you are missing pieces. And ... Like so many others, I didn't even include the 2”x3½” rectangles we cut in step 2. Where do they go? In the border? I want to know. Another guess using the rectangles (with missing parts).

Friday does not come quick enough!

Happy sewing! Linking up to Mystery Monday - Easy Street, Part 4.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sewing in December

Hurray. I finished a Christmas gift before the 25th. Sometimes I have had to ask for a gift back so I can finish it in January. Has that happened to you? I can't be the only one!

Made the table runner using the Double Slice pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Co. except used 5½” squares, first cut at 2”, second at 2¾”.

These two tops have been hanging around and I finally sandwiched them for Project Linus. They will be tied by the church group and then ready for delivery!

Excitement – a new iron! Well for most people a new iron is not too exciting, but a quilter, excitement plus, especially when it was $5+ tax. That's right, $5. My iron choose this week to go on a permanent vacation, no more heating up. After, 4 years of constant use, dropped a few times and sharing at sewing events; who can blame it.

It came happened at the right time. I had just received my Birthday gift reward from JC Penney; $15 off any item $15 or more. All I wanted was an iron that heated up hot and had different setting, so got the cheapest Sunbeam model, $20. Paid $5.42.

It has been a busy week and I must start Step 4 of Bonnie Hunter's current mystery quilt, Easy Street. I figure after step 4 we will have completed 60-70% of the quilt. It's hard to estimate how the quilt will look since, maybe, we have completed part of the border. Here's part of my step 1-3.

Happy sewing! Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street - Step Two

December is always a busy month with 4 birthdays in the family I must be crazy to be doing the mystery quilt. WOW! My daughter just turned 21! It's not surprising that I didn't finish step two until Thursday, right before step three was posted. I have cut some of the units for step 3, but have not sewn any together.

Made this bag for a friend's daughter who turned 4 this past weekend.

Used this bright lime green print for the lining and 2 patch pockets. 

Sunday went to the local theater with some friends and saw “A Christmas Carol”; then dined at PF Changs. Very yummy. One lady suggested reading our fortunes with “in bed” at the end. This was hysterical. Mine read “Start a new exercise program tomorrow in bed”. Another - “Someone will come by this week to help you with your problems in bed”. 

Another busy week here with college finals. Linking up with Bonnie Hunter's Monday Link Party. Hope you have a great day.