Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street - Step 4

I have half the units completed for step 4 of Bonnie Hunter's current Mystery Quilt - Easy Street; and have cut the green squares. Here is a configuration that I found pleasing, but it is most likely not correct. This is my first mystery and I am really enjoying it.

Bonnie must be having a good laugh at all of us putting the units together for “guesses” to the mystery quilt when we only are 50% done. I'm laughing with her, it's a hard puzzle when you are missing pieces. And ... Like so many others, I didn't even include the 2”x3½” rectangles we cut in step 2. Where do they go? In the border? I want to know. Another guess using the rectangles (with missing parts).

Friday does not come quick enough!

Happy sewing! Linking up to Mystery Monday - Easy Street, Part 4.


joe tulips said...

This looks pretty cool the way you have them layed out. Right now I am guessing that it is on point, because of those 4 triangles we cut earlier. I tried doing math to figure out possibilities but I gained nothing from that. I really look forward to every new hint. It is fun seeing all the same color schemes and the different ones.

Anonymous said...

Love the solid colors!!! especially the black!

Frances said...

Yes, there are so many different colourways people have chosen, I love that you have chosen solids.

Tami C said...

I agree. Friday doesn't come quick enough! I like the 2nd layout you did with the missing rectangles. It looks really good. Happy Sewing!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Your solid color choices are going to make for a fantabulous quilt! I will bet Bonnie is laughing as well! Best wishes!