Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hitting the Jackpot with Thin Mints

I ordered some Girl Scout cookies from my friend's daughter and lucky me, they brought over the cookies and a box of fabric scraps last night! Some scraps, orphan blocks and pieces more then a yard. My stash was running low! (ha ha)Guess my DH would disagree with that statement.
Fun colors!
It is interesting to see the variety since the Girl Scouts (12-17 years old) were working on pajama pants and many of these were scraps from their project. Many flannels.
She often brings me a box or bag of scraps. I really appreciate having a thoughtful friend like her.

Friday, February 1, 2013

More Orphan Blocks

I attended 2 work days for Project Linus in January and came home with 
several quilts that needed binding and a large bag of orphan blocks. 
Fun! Here a sample of what's in the bag.

Black and whites:   



I could see why these got put aside, most are 8”-8½” or 12”-12¾”. 
Some slightly less and points not always meeting. Most of the HST 
were made with 2 squares, no trimming of the corners and then sewn 
with other units. This created 9 layers is some corners. I picked out, 
trimmed and resewed.

I selected the colorful blocks, I needed sunshine after the cold weather 
and a head cold. Resewed a few seams and squared them up to 12”. 
I also added 4 wonky blocks. This zebra fabric and the red cornerstones 
were added and ended with this: 

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