Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hitting the Jackpot with Thin Mints

I ordered some Girl Scout cookies from my friend's daughter and lucky me, they brought over the cookies and a box of fabric scraps last night! Some scraps, orphan blocks and pieces more then a yard. My stash was running low! (ha ha)Guess my DH would disagree with that statement.
Fun colors!
It is interesting to see the variety since the Girl Scouts (12-17 years old) were working on pajama pants and many of these were scraps from their project. Many flannels.
She often brings me a box or bag of scraps. I really appreciate having a thoughtful friend like her.


joe tulips said...

Lucky girl. I bought three boxes and not one of them came with any fabric scraps. These will definitely make it cute, what ever "it" becomes.

Sharon said...

I got scraps with my cookies one year too, and it was fun! The scraps lasted longer than the cookies.

You got some cute fabrics! Whatever you do with them, it'll be fun. LOL