Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crumb quilt - more stars

I made some more crumb blocks this week. Decided to try the Star blocks again.
Jo's great instructions are HERE  for stars & hearts.  After reviewing the 
instructions, samples, and looking at other quilters stars, I decided my problem 
was contrast; or lack of contrast. My husband calls them “Hidden Stars”.

First ones: 
This week: 


I was very please with how these stars finished. See the little corner fabric 
between the star points. I had a strip from another project, made from 2 strips 
(a 1½ ” & 2” sewn together). I cut the squares used for the star points from this 
and ended up with the peeking fabric.


Made a few other blocks. The extras will probably end up on the back. 
I am showing signs of addiction, (1)“Neglecting responsibilities”; my 
family ended up with pancakes and sausages for dinner since I had no 
time for grocery shopping. (2)”Lost control” and (3)"Built up a tolerance"; 
must make more crumb blocks then planned.
I have started to cut my sashing and plan to have a finished top Nov 16th. Will 
post my link at Jo's Country Junction. Maybe I will have my addiction under 
control. I need to start working on Christmas presents.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leaders and Enders

Thought I would post a picture of my current Leader/Ender blocks. Not sure what I am going to do with them. I like having the extra blocks to make a quick present and these might make a great baby quilt with Black & white blocks for the edge. I will have 84 blocks when I finish 8 more. Enough for 2 quilts or 1 large quilt. They are 6 1/2", finish at 6".

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am trying my blog out for the first time, so hope everything goes well. I have enjoyed reading about and seeing what other quilters are working on; so decided it was time to share.

I have been Crumbing Along with Jo at Jo's Country Junction the last 5 weeks and am posting my blocks today!
Crumb Along!

So far I have 47+ blocks, some not squared up. My blocks have been ending up 6x8,7x8 9x10, etc; so I have squared them up 8 1/2". Trees and houses:

                                                        Braid, cut into 3 blocks:

                                  Hearts, I had some problems with these blocks:
     Pinwheels were my favorite. I made 4 stars, but they turned out strange.

More blocks on my border fabric. I want the quilt to be larger so am planning on using the blocks with the Disappearing 9 patch. Got this idea from from her Magic Crumb Scrap Quilt.

See the 3rd & 4th blocks with yellow "C"s. I had 1 block with this yellow border and I thought it was too yellow, so cut in half and ended up with 2 blocks.
                                           47 Squared up blocks:

I am calling this quilt "Mom's old pants". I did a lot of sewing in High School/College and made 2 pairs of pants for my mother. Sky blue and teal. The end of the scraps from these pants are in the blocks. This has been a fun project using crumbs from many past projects.