Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bright Colorwash

I've never done a colorwash quilt before unless you count this blue quilt from 8 years ago. It's not really a colorwash, it just happened at church. I was sewing with the church group and just kept using strips of blue sewn together and mixed and turned. I was really pleased with the shading across the quilt.

But … when the opportunity to order colorwash kits came from Wanda, at Exuberant Color. I did not hesitate and ordered two Bright colorwash kits. Received them, and dived right in opening and spread the contents of one across my card table. Wandaful fabric.

This is one color kit with 50+ pieces added from my stash. 

I realized strips, plaids, and geometric prints were questionable but tried a few and removed them. The subtle plaid is still in. I think the one purple with green dots reads too solid. The last geometric is still in but may not remain.

This is what I have added.

My card table is getting too crowded to continue, so I must take over the dining room table. The fun will continue.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flimsies for Project Linus

The workshop for Project Linus is today. A day to sandwich quilts from 
flimsies given to PL. Delivered some of the tops on Friday since I will 
arrive late. These tops were sewn from some of the orphan blocks I 
brought home with me at a prior meeting. Should be a fun day and nice 
to see everyone.

Made 2 hexagon quilts from a donated top and fabric. Big 12” hexagons. 
Adding borders: 
This Scrappy Rail Fence kit was handed out at a meeting.


More crumb blocks sewn with a plaid, have a fleece to use as a back.

I'm trying to stay cool, headed for the 90's today, above 100 inland. 
I got up at 5:30am and opened my doors and window so the house 
is 71 currently. Time to shut them up tight. Have a great day!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Driving legal

Usually I post about quilts, but maybe my experience might help someone.

Lucky me I had an appointment at the local DMV this morning to get a current tag/sticker on my car, so I can drive legal.

Wait time:
15 minute wait for customers with appointments
2 hr wait for no appointments

Interesting enough, the lady I sat next to had the same problem. She had paid her car registration fee and had the smog test; but no tags came in the mail. We both thought the smog check must have been the problem since they are transmitted electronically.

My number was called (A231) and the clerk explained that yes, my registration was in the pending file. BUT... since my payment came in from AAA, and the smog test was transmitted, I needed to pickup my tags at AAA or at the DMV office; they would never be automatically sent by the DMV, and next years registration would not go out because of the pending status. If I had paid the DMV directly (office or mail), they would have sent sticker/registration card.

I didn't go back to AAA because I thought the sticker would come and AAA started charging $4 for any DMV transaction.

Does this make any sense? Seems like this makes more foot traffic at the DMV.

Oh well, won't get stopped for unregistered car. Just got to watch the old lead foot.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Crumb Quilt

When I first read about Operation Wood Hollow on Sarah's blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, my “Big Crumb” quilt came to mind. I'm not a pink/pastel person but back in 2010 I had decided to clean out larger pink scraps from my growing piles. It started with 9” blocks and 4 square blocks and it quickly regressed into scrappy rails and big crumb blocks. Added other pastels, including some fabric samples I had received from a friend.

I loved how this quilt was coming along. It looks inviting and comfortable. But... I'm not really a pink person, and my DH is definitely not.

It has sat in the UFO pile for 20 months or more, and I have pulled it out and sent it to Julie. It measures 63”x81”.

Also pulled out this flimsy, measures 40”x60”. I immediately saw why it had sat for so long. It had 4 blocks with white background that just blared “I do not belong here”. Looks better after replacing them. Most blocks are 4½”x7½”.

Dropped off the box for Julie at the post office yesterday. Had the two flimsies and fabric. I didn't really have any backs that match, but sent yardage that she can use for other backs.

It feels good to get these tops out of my UFO pile and on their way to comfort people. Thank you Julie!

Operation Wood Hollow has change it's name to Phoenix Quilts.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! What does that bring to mind? Family, friends, BBQ, watermelon, root beer floats, parades, fireworks, freedom, patriotic thoughts and RWB quilts.

I always try to make a few RWB quilts or flimsies in July, for TAPS.
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, an organization that provides support to the Families of fallen service members. RWB quilts or crocheted blankets are always needed for the “Good Grief Camp”. For more info:

Project Linus made it easy to make the first one. At the last meeting kits were available using the Double Slice Layer Cake pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Hope you have a Great and safe Happy 4th of July!

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