Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This past weekend my daughter, a friend and I went to the Pacific International QuiltFestival. It was fantastic, overwhelming, too large to absorb in one day. My daughter took almost 200 photos, she usually takes a photo of the quilt, then another of the info card; so I have lots of photos to post. So here are some of the quilts we enjoyed.

 My heart lies in Afric, by Mandy Kirk

 Nioppon Irish Chain, by Tamaris Pardo

Liked how she used decorative stitches across the chains for quilting lines.

 Birch Grove, by  Anne Loveless   

The field Mouse's Habitat,  by  Vonda Mathews

Funny with the felt Cheez-its. Amazing detail and three dimensional.

 Star Burst,  by Mieke Apps 

Loved this. Blue ribbon for "Best use of color"