Monday, July 9, 2012

Driving legal

Usually I post about quilts, but maybe my experience might help someone.

Lucky me I had an appointment at the local DMV this morning to get a current tag/sticker on my car, so I can drive legal.

Wait time:
15 minute wait for customers with appointments
2 hr wait for no appointments

Interesting enough, the lady I sat next to had the same problem. She had paid her car registration fee and had the smog test; but no tags came in the mail. We both thought the smog check must have been the problem since they are transmitted electronically.

My number was called (A231) and the clerk explained that yes, my registration was in the pending file. BUT... since my payment came in from AAA, and the smog test was transmitted, I needed to pickup my tags at AAA or at the DMV office; they would never be automatically sent by the DMV, and next years registration would not go out because of the pending status. If I had paid the DMV directly (office or mail), they would have sent sticker/registration card.

I didn't go back to AAA because I thought the sticker would come and AAA started charging $4 for any DMV transaction.

Does this make any sense? Seems like this makes more foot traffic at the DMV.

Oh well, won't get stopped for unregistered car. Just got to watch the old lead foot.

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