Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street - Step Two

December is always a busy month with 4 birthdays in the family I must be crazy to be doing the mystery quilt. WOW! My daughter just turned 21! It's not surprising that I didn't finish step two until Thursday, right before step three was posted. I have cut some of the units for step 3, but have not sewn any together.

Made this bag for a friend's daughter who turned 4 this past weekend.

Used this bright lime green print for the lining and 2 patch pockets. 

Sunday went to the local theater with some friends and saw “A Christmas Carol”; then dined at PF Changs. Very yummy. One lady suggested reading our fortunes with “in bed” at the end. This was hysterical. Mine read “Start a new exercise program tomorrow in bed”. Another - “Someone will come by this week to help you with your problems in bed”. 

Another busy week here with college finals. Linking up with Bonnie Hunter's Monday Link Party. Hope you have a great day.


Ginny said...

Wow, I love your colors! Can't wait to see what you quilt looks like when it's finished.

Sharon said...

Your Easy Street colors are so bold and graphic! This quilt is gonna be a zinger - love it!

Your Dec. sounds like our Nov.! Why do birthdays clump like that?? Funny, isn't it?

And the purse is just darling. Anyone would love that cuteness, inside and out!

joe tulips said...

It is so fun seeing this solid easy street version. I haven't taken any pictures of my step 3 yet. Love the colors on the bag.
I forgot about adding the "in bed" to fortune cookies. They are quite comical!

ANudge said...

Too funny. I'll be going the PFs in a couple of week - maybe we'll do the same. Your units are very dramatic - I like them and that bag is great!

Nonnie said...

The beauty of BONNIE's mystery quilts is you can download the pattern and sew them as you want. I am just making a quarter of the blocks now because I am thinking I will make this into a baby quilt... but if I really love it I will make a full size quilt. I am leaving my options open.

MY daughter would love your colorway... it would fit right in to her bedroom decor.


Having a hard time waiting til Friday.

krisgray said...

Oooo - love your solids, very striking!

Anonymous said...

Your patches look fantastic. Your quilt has an Amish feel about it. Cute cute bag too. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!