Friday, June 1, 2012

100 Orphan Blocks

Attended another Project Linus meeting last month. A bag of 100 Orphan 
blocks jumped in the car and came home with me. Oh dear, oh my, and 
how lovely. It's fun playing with other people's stuff! Here a sample of 
what's in the bag.

Got 50+ crumb blocks, 7”-7½”.  
Cut one side off and added to the top, then cut them 5½” x 7 ½” to 
match some blocks I had from another project. Think I will add a 
pink border so will finish at a 45” square. 
One 17” x 18” piece: 
Several pieces like this, almost seems like a “trip around the world”, then 
got side tracked on another project. Do I do this? Absolutely; I must 
work on finishing projects instead of letting them sit. 
 There must be 20+ blocks, 16”-20”, wonderful, colorful fun blocks: 

I would have loved to have met this creative women whose husband 
brings us some bags of her fabric stash and UFOs every couple months. 
It would be interesting to know the time line on her work and if she took 
classes, which ones. We have been able to finish and make many quilts 
because of his generosity and thoughtfulness. 
Bless them both!


Sharon said...

Oh boy, new goodies to play with! How fun! A very clever idea to re-size the crumb blocks like that.

Yes, this quilter made some interesting pieces. She was very creative. Inspiring! And so sweet of her hubby to donate so that others can have something needed.

joe tulips said...

The donation blocks are wonderful...and they fell into the right hands. It is fun to see what was once really nothing, become something!

Finn said...

How awesome that you find new and creative ways to use orphan blocks. They are dear to my heart, and I enjoy playing with them. You have a wonderful selection in this bagful. Hugs, Finn