Thursday, June 21, 2012

A quick bag!

Didn't think my blog post would begin about “size 6 stretch pants”, but here we are with the first picture. One of my purchases at the local garage sales (paid $.50).

Wearing size 6 is long over for me, at 5'8½” I think it must have been over in 7th grade. But the bright stripes caught my eye and I thought this would make a great bag. I need a few extra shopping bags. Local city ordinance requires all large retailers to charge $.10  per bag unless you bring your own. March 2013 will be all retailers, and fee increases to $.25 in 2014. Cutting the legs off at 18”, leaving the side seams intact, cutting up the inside seam and piecing 2 straps.

This was a very quick bag. Very happy with my shopping bag. I have another pair of stretch pants from the same garage sale, so back to the sewing machine.

I love garage sales!

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Unknown said...

I love the pants, and they made a great bag. Did you make just one?