Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Finish

I am counting three “Finishes”, but did cheat a little.

The last 2 weeks I have been looking over my UFO pile along with my pile of 
current projects and thought I needed to kick some of these house guests out. 
Some have been here for 3-4 years! A fellow crafter sent me an Email about 
Project Linus having “National Make a Blanket Day”, Feb 18th. Great luck, the 
local chapter was having a planning meeting Jan 12th. Several of the UFOs 
were headed for this organization, they just remained in the flimsy stage, never 
maturing to a completed quilt. Shopping for backs is not a priority. Yes, it was a
little selfish on my part to gather up some of the UFOs and attend the meeting, 
but I went with 4 items, and 3 are out of my hands completely.  Mission 
accomplished, well not exactly. I came home with 2. See the math does not add up.

Here are photos of my finished items, fun, easy, quick quilts.  

It was a nice afternoon meeting the other quilters, picking and cutting backings 
for my UFOs and other donated flimsies.  My UFO that came home with me 
that needs a border and they even had fabric for that. 
No picture of the extra project I came home with that needs reconstruction and 

They are having another meeting in 2 weeks so maybe I can get rid finish 
a few more UFOs.

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Barb said...

wonderful finishes.