Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilt in the bag

Included in one of the bags of fabric scraps I got from a friend was a almost a finished flimsy. Measured 22½”x32”. Thought I would add a few rows. Took one seam out, added 4 rows. Lucky there were extra matching scraps in the bag. I plan on adding borders.

Construction was interesting. Sewn with navy blue thread, with 2-3” of thread hanging off each seam. Several blocks had stains. I washed it in the utility sink, still needed to replace 2 blocks.

Spent some time planting my potted plants this week. Some of the succulents need bigger pots. I have the best luck with snap dragons, always have 6 pots filled with them.


Kat said...

Feel free to come take a stab at helping some of my plants grow. Plants don't seem to like me. I blame it on the weather but I know it's just me!

I love that you could take someone else's partial flimsy and add your own touch to it. The finished top is very nice and that's the beauty of scrap quilts... no one but you could ever know that your rows weren't "supposed" to be there all along!

Sharon said...

Great save on the partial quilt top. It looks wonderful. How big did it end up?

On the close-up photo, I can see that there are some of the same fabrics that I got in a bag of sewing scraps. Lots of 50's and 60's fabrics in that bag, and it's a trip down Memory Lane. What fun that we have some of the same ones!

YankeeQuilter said...

Like how your flimsy is finished up! The large rectangle lets you see so much of he fabric it makes a good study piece!