Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilt Repair with New Borders

Other projects have gotten pushed aside this week. Along with watching the Olympics, my daughter's favorite, well loved, worn quilt came out of the wash with more frayed edges. After 11+ years of constant use. I knew this was going to happen so have a quilt half done. But... DD still wants the old quilt. It's understandable, so soft from the constant use, the flannel back – so comfy. This was the worse section.

The center is OK, no holes. So I have cut the outer border and pink ruffle off leaving the inside blocks and border. The quilt was originally made from some cheater blocks, added some sashing, cornerstones and borders. Pillow cased the quilt with a fluffy pink ruffle.

First I quilted the old quilt a little more, then layered it with the top and bottom borders. I added the new top and bottom borders using one of the quilt as you go method.

Layers consist of (1) back border face up (pink plaid), (2) old quilt, top up, (3) top border, face down (sparkle clouds). It is tempting to add the batting at this point, but it will add too many layers into the seam and you might end up with a ridge.

After sewing the seam, open up your layers and press as needed. Then lay flat, fold back one of the new borders and add the batting. Then fold down the border, pin/baste and quilt as desired (or add the side borders and quilt at the end).

After quilting the top and bottom, trim as necessary and proceed to the side borders. I wanted to add 9” borders, so I cut my new pieces 10” wide, and after quilting ended up trimming at 8 3/4”.

The quilt is slightly larger then the original size. I am cutting pink binding to finish the quilt. I better get busy, my DD says she misses her quilt. 

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Judy D in AZ said...

What a great understanding Mom you are.