Friday, November 23, 2012

A Bag of Crumbs

A friend of my inherited a bag of crumb blocks and passed them on to me last month. It included incomplete strips and cut squares. Most of the blocks were made of 4”-5” strips of smaller strips. The blocks needed to be squared up to 8½”, others just needed a strip added. Ended up with 20 blocks and left over 4”-5” blocks which I squared up to 4½” since I planned on adding wide sashing. Almost done, just need 6 more sashing pieces on the side. Thinking about adding a wide orange border.

Funny how I ended up working on these crumb blocks with Bonnie Hunter working on 2½” crumb strips, sewing them together for a finished 8” block.

Bonnie has started a new mystery today. I have chosen solids. I love her chosen colors but just don't have the selection. When I started looking at my bins, the solids jumped out. 4 colors + a background. I think it will end up looking South Western or Halloween depending on the pattern. Turquoise, Wine, Green, Orange and Black. Orange as my constant, black as the background.

I plan on making half the quilt so if I'm not in love with it, I can finish it, and move on to another project or add some more blocks to make it the right size.

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LynCC said...

oooo, nice job with the crumbs. I really love that blue. :D Jealous of you getting to do the latest Bonnie quilt-along. :D

joe tulips said...

I love the orange idea on the blue quilt. Those two colors look so awesome together.
I am doing Mystery too. I have the first step done. But ran out of black and white fabric. That may be the only thing I will have to buy.
I am excited to see how this all solids version turns out!